deer protected landscape
deer protected landscape

Natural Deer Repellent Product

Safe for people, plants, pets and the environment

New Jersey Deer Control®, LLC’s proprietary repellent was invented by company president and founder, wildlife biologist Christopher J Markham.  Years of research, experiments and field tests helped Chris create a superior deer repellent that he has used to protect landscapes since 2002.

Since our repellent is made fresh daily it allows us to use ingredients that other store bought repellents cannot use.

Our repellent is environmentally safe, harmless to humans and pets, and will not damage your trees, shrubs or flowers.  Furthermore, it is extremely weather resistant, virtually odorless, and undetectable! Although our product is virtually odorless to humans, it does work on both smell and taste to prevent deer damage since a deer’s nose is over eighty times more sensitive than a human’s nose.

Finally and most importantly, our deer repellent works! It allows our clients to finally stop deer damage and start to enjoy their landscapes once again!

hydrangea before deer control
hydrangea after deer control

These are before and after hydrangea pictures of one of our clients. We were happy to help them stop deer damage!

Stop Deer Damage!

New Jersey Deer Control®, LLC are Deer Repellent Specialists® protecting landscapes since 2002!  Free Trial Application